Women affected by violence

In Germany, about one in four women has experienced physical or sexual violence in a current or former relationship at least once in her lifetime (see BMFSFJ 2020). Violence also includes emotional attacks, such as when partners attempt to exercise power through social isolation and/or financial control.

Life can be very challenging in a relationship like this, especially during pregnancy. In the period before, during and after a pregnancy that is carried to term or terminated, supportive people and structures, as well as problems and fears, can be particularly visible and have an impact.

Violence in a relationship is often kept hidden. Victims generally do not talk about it and are often also not spoken to about it. The challenges and changes that (an unintended) pregnancy brings about in a violent relationship are rarely discussed. Accordingly, it is difficult to assess whether the care and support system sufficiently meets all requirements.

As part of the research project, we would like to compile your own, very personal experiences. We would like to learn what your experience was of the time of your pregnancy in a relationship in which violence played a role. Were there any special difficulties? Who or what supported you? Was there anything missing? And what would you have wanted?

If you recognise yourself and your story in this description, we would be very grateful if you would get in touch with us and agree to share your experience with us. All conversations are, of course, fully anonymised so no conclusions can be drawn about your identity. Your experiences are important for improving the situation!

You can contact us at:

E: elsa@hs-nordhausen.de

T: +49 3631 420 592


Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences

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If you are personally affected by violence or have come into contact with this topic as a relative, friend etc., you can access support using the Germany-wide helpline on 08000 116 016 or access online counselling at https://www.hilfetelefon.de/en.html

The helpline for pregnant women in need is also available 24 hours a day on 0800 4040 020.