Qualitative interviews

Since the beginning of January, we have been conducting interviews with women who experienced an unintended pregnancy in the past five years, and by mid-February, nine interviews had been conducted. Following the interviews, the audio recordings are transcribed, anonymized and evaluated by us in the next step. At the moment we are arranging interviews with further interested women. These first interviews already allowed us to get insights into complex biographies, which provide important impulses for our research. We are very grateful for the trust placed in us.

Quantitative surveys

Women living in Germany who had carried at least one pregnancy to term in the last five years were randomly contacted via the local residents‘ registration office. Eleven women from our target group have already participated in our survey via this channel. Furthermore, we contact institutions with access to our target groups in order to reach women for our surveys through them.

Preparation of reviews (Realist Reviews)

In the research project we plan regular publications in order to publish our partial results already during the research phase. Our first two publications will provide an overview of the current state of research on our topic, in the form of a so-called Realist Review. For this purpose, we have read up on scientific literature and are now writing publications on this basis, which are to answer the question of which stresses and resources are evident in unwanted pregnant women and which support needs can be derived from this. Two publications on the topic will be produced – one focusing on women with partner violence experiences and one focusing on refugee, migrant and illegalized women. The papers will be open access publications. This means that they are free and publicly available on the internet. More information will be available on our site.