13.12.2021 – Start of the quantitative survey

In-House News

After our colleague Jelena Seeberg unfortunately left the project for personal reasons, we were able to welcome two new employees on 01.12.21. The social scientists Alina Jung and Kristina Winter, they will focus on the research in unwanted pregnancies of „women who were affected by intimate partner violence“.

Recruitment of interview participants

We are continuing to contact social institutions in order to reach women for our surveys or for interviews. We were contacted by a couple of interested women and print materials are being sent to the institutions for display.

Public relations

The flyers for the survey have now been translated and printed. We will send a collection of our information materials to institutions that have potential contact with women in our target groups. The flyers are also available for download on our homepage. (https://www.elsa-nordhausen.de/downloads/)

Quantitative survey

The online questionnaire was completed in German and five other languages. The link for the survey was sent to potential test persons via our cooperation partner „Kantar GmbH“. Personalized links can also be distributed to interested women as of now. The 25€ expense allowance will be awarded as „Wunschgutscheine“. An overview of participating stores can be found at the following website:https://einloesen.wunschgutschein.de/.

Qualitative interview

The preparations for the qualitative interviews have been completed. As soon as we have positive feedback from interested women, we can arrange appointments for interviews. We will organize a language mediation if needed. The expense allowance of 50€ will be given as „Wunschgutscheine“. An overview of participating stores can be found at the following website:https://einloesen.wunschgutschein.de/