For women

A positive pregnancy test is not always good news. Have you experienced an unintended pregnancy? How did you feel in that situation? Who helped you? We would like to listen to you and learn more about your own personal story.

We are looking for women who

  • are living in relationships with a violent partner or have experienced violence from a partner
  • have a history of migration and/or have been refugees
  • are living in Germany without a secure residency status, i.e. are undocumented

The focus is on the time when you found out about the pregnancy: how and why did you decide whether or not to carry the pregnancy to term? And what happened after that? Regardless of whether this relates to counselling, medical care or psychosocial services, who supported you and where would you have liked to receive more support? This also relates to your social environment, your personal resources and difficulties.

Where do you feel there are problems in terms of care? Looking back, what do you feel was positive and what do you think could be improved for women in this situation?