Data protection

Protecting all data is a top priority for us.

Only the research team at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences can view the data. Strict compliance with data protection provisions is ensured at all times. People who facilitate contacts, people in the health care system, friends, partners and other people will not be able to view the responses. The anonymised data and content are only accessible to the research team in a manner which ensures that no legal consequences can occur, e.g. changes to residence permits. The research team is comprised of the project leader, four employees and trained student interviewers, who are all obliged to maintain confidentiality.

All data is fully anonymised so no conclusions can be drawn about the identity of the specific individuals!

If necessary, cultural and linguistic support will be offered for the interview. This means that the women can decide what language is to be used for the interview.

The interpreters are also obliged to maintain confidentiality from the start of the process and will be briefed on the specific nature of the interview situation, meaning that a sensitive and responsible manner of dealing with the women as interviewees is guaranteed.